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Headquartered in the Navajo Nation Capital of Window Rock, Arizona, Navajo Nation Shopping Centers, Inc. manages ten shopping centers, which total more than 3.1 thousand square feet of leaseable space. NNSCI’s approach to managing the centers ensures business growth that provides both management and maintenance services to its tenants. This guarantees that our valued tenants receive personal attention and high value for their rental dollar. Because of our leasing options, NNSCI has maintained an occupancy rate well above industry averages for more than 20 years. We are continually working to upgrade our properties and provide our tenants with attractive, functional space that enables them to effectively compete within our highly competitive border-town consumer marketplaces.

Our Mission
The mission of the Navajo Nation Shopping Centers, Inc. is simple:
"Develop, retain, and expand profitable retail operations by maintaining excellent customer service, building strong community relations and pursuing new market potentials for the Navajo Nation."

Vision Statement
The Vision Statement of the NNSCI is "Be a successful commercial corporation that supports diversified services to the Navajo Nation economy."  
Guiding Principles
1.  Operations (Maintenance):  "Service that is responsive, respectful and of high quality."
2.  Staff Development:  "Superior standards of professionalism and expertise strengthen by ongoing training and the commitment to learning."
3.  Marketing Development: "Freedom to excel, create value and contribut to our purpose."
4.  Corporate Growth:  " Commitment marked by initiative, teamwork, collaboration and information sharing."

Navajo Nation Shopping Centers, Inc.  was created in 1983 by the Navajo Nation Council and was managed by the Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development as part of the Navajo Nation’s Overall Economic Development Plan. The development of the shopping centers is one way to boost the Navajo economy by providing jobs, goods and services, and revenue for the Navajo people.
Today, Navajo Nation Shopping Centers, Inc. has acquired its own Incorporation—Navajo Nation Shopping Centers, Inc. (NNSCI). As a result, the company is completely self-operational without any Tribal department influence, yet it operates as a Tribal Enterprise of the Navajo Nation. The most recent addition to NNSCI’s ten shopping centers is the Dilkon Shopping Center in 2002.

Our primary value is to supply the best in business when it comes to satisfying the needs of our clients and help them grow their businesses. We strive to do this by:
• Acting with integrity and respect for others
• Being safe and environmentally responsible
• Committing to achieving success for our customers
• Delivering value and profit
• Excelling in our operations