Over 30 years of Experience    
The immediate obligation of the Navajo Nation Shopping Centers, Inc. is to the economy of the Navajo Nation and its communities. Supported by a staff of experience personnel, NNSCI is becoming a key component in economic development initiatives for the Navajo Nation.
Currently, NNSCI is providing approximately 1,483 jobs and created 100 businesses with 50% Navajo-owned businesses. With the success of management performance with profitable productivity the NNSCI can envision on bringing in more national franchises or purchase franchise rights for our people to develop and eventually own. NNSCI will continue to generate positive working relationships for future development and to explore and venture into the outside corporate world.
The overall shopping centers are perhaps in better position to deal with the adversities of the current economy than the previous years, as four of the centers have continued to deliver steady financial results. Two centers (Tuba City and Kayenta Shopping Center) were existing in a structural challenged environment, in which we have already addressed with the finances available to us and through our annual Capital Improvement Budget. We continually anticipate to improve all our centers.
The Outlook at Glittering Mountain
NNSCI is collaborating with several firms and consultants on designing a new Family Entertainment Center(FEC) at Twin Arrows, Arizona. Considered to be the first Phase of this new mix use commercial development, The FEC will include attractions introduced to take advantage of the store spaces that maximize both entertainment value and entertainment capacity.