Board Members

Peggy Francis Scott, Board Chairperson
Peggy Francis Scott, Director Chairperson for NNSCI for 9 years and married to Eddie Scott, Jr. for 40 years, Mrs. Scott is the proud mother of six children and grandmother of twelve grandchildren. Mrs. Scott is from Teetso, Arizona and has lived in Chinle for many years for employment. A graduate of Ganado Mission High School, she earned her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Arizona, and went on to obtain a Master’s degree from Northern Arizona University in Community College Educational Administration. Mrs. Scott worked with Dine College as the director of Native American Research and Resource Department. She has served as Chairperson for the Navajo and Indian studies program and as the Director of Navajo Curriculum development Center. For more than 5 years, she has taught at Chinle High School. Mrs. Scott worked under President Peterson Zah as an Executive Director and Executive Staff Assistant. She was also the Chief of Staff for President Leonard Haskie. Mrs. Scott has also served as the grant writer and Economic Director for Apache County and served as the District Manager for Apache Country District One. Additional Accomplishments: A Navajo Culture and Language lecturer for many years, she served as a spokesperson for preservation of Indigenous people’s lands, culture, religion and way of life all over the world. She spoke at International Indian Treaty conferences, the United Nations in Switzerland, a witness hearing at the World Court, speaker at many other prestigious gatherings on behalf on Indian people and is a certified Navajo Court Interpreter.

Denise Canyon, Vice Chairperson
Denise Canyon, Denise holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor’s from the Northern Arizona University. Currently serving as the Vice Chairperson for NNSCI and a Contract Analysis for Salt River Project/Navajo Generating Station in Page, AZ, Denise has a very diverse professional background which includes work in the areas of education, health, social programs, and for profit businesses. She also has extensive experience in contracting, procurement, finance, grant writing, and small/large business operations. This combination of education and experience adds to the value of the NNSCI’s efforts to improve quality, diversify marketing strategies, increase profitability, and promote positive entrepreneurial opportunities. Ms. Canyon has represented the Western Agency since 2007.

Casey Watchman, Board Member
Casey Watchman, Navajo Interpreter and Instructor, University of Arizona, is Kiyaa'aanii, born for Tachii'nii. He is originally from Sheepsprings, New Mexico and has resided in Crownpoint, New Mexico for the past 43 years. Mr. Watchman is a certified Navajo Court Interpreter. This prestigious certification comes with merit and honor as there are only seven Navajo Court Interpreters in the Nation. By its virtue, this allows Mr. Watchman to teach at the University of Arizona’s summer institute for Navajo Court Interpreters. He currently maintains a private practice that spans 20 plus years in the legal field specializing in criminal, civil, family, and administrative law. Professional memberships include: Navajo Nation Bar Association since November 1980. Navajo Nation Labor Commission, Chairman. Member since October 1997. Navajo Nation Shopping Centers, Inc., Board Member since November 2004 and a Federally Certified Court Interpreter, since November 1990.

JT Willie, Board Member

Mark Graham, Board Member